Man Grabs Baby's Stroller Inside Center City Store

The Philadelphia Police Department has released surveillance video captured over the weekend at a Center City Dunkin' Donuts location showing a man appearing to touch a baby in a stroller before the child's caretaker intervenes.

As they stood in line, the man seen here stood up, walked over to the stroller, and bent down.

The video shows a man grabbing the stroller then staring at the baby inside. A man and woman, who police believe are the baby's parents, immediately push the man off the child.

The baby's mother looked over just in time to catch the suspect. A moment later, a man who was with the woman can be seen shoving the suspect away.

The infant's mom left Dunkin' Donuts without calling the police.

Police have asked anyone with information about the incident to contact the Special Victim's Unit at 215-685-3253, 3254, 3263. Police say whether charges will be filed depends on what the parents say occurred.

"It's a rather peculiar set of circumstances, and we are actually asking for the parents - or who we believe to be the parents - to come forward and maybe give us a better idea of what happened out there", Kinebrew said. "Even without the parents" cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney's office. The video certainly supports something completely different'.

  • Leroy Wright