Katy Perry Admits Insecurities in Search for 'Hot' Photo of Herself

Of course, most of us don't have as extensive Google search results as Perry, but we're all guilty of looking at good photos of ourselves when we're feeling upset-which is exactly what Perry is copping to.

The 32-year-old's previous posts included a shot of her receiving a face massage while on Facetime and a throwback picture of her sitting at a desk in a sports bra.

AH-Mazing! Still, Katy's only human, so she couldn't help but add one attractive pic to the mix. Katy Perry had a slightly insecure moment late Tuesday night and admitted it to her Instagram followers.

Too flawless. Way to slay, queen. "When ur Rollin calls with ur A&R but trying to massage the stress out ya jaw at the same time cause everything is coming to a head", Perry wrote. And thanks to those aforementioned magazine spreads, there was no shortage of flawless photos available to her to choose from.

It turns out pop superstar Katy Perry is just like the rest of us and finds herself needing a confidence boost every now and then. The photo featured the songstress in a bra and unbuttoned denim shorts while seductively staring at the camera.

"Was feeling insecure about my last two posts so..." she captioned the sultry snap, which was from a 2010 Rolling Stone photoshoot.

"I'm proud to announce the cover for my 4th album!" she wrote followed by a series of dashes.

Lower in the post, Perry revealed that she was joking. "Happy April Fools! Been plotting in the same type of sports bra from my IM (instant messenger) and laminated calendar since 99'". Her fans commented on the two posts positively, liking her witty personality.

Katy Perry knows how to bring herself down to Earth.

  • Salvatore Jensen