Jim Ross Returning At WrestleMania 33 As A Guest Announcer?

It's time for WWE's premier event.

Owens puts on solid matches each time he is in the ring and is a great worker. Interesting to note for old-time wrestling fans, both men are third generation wrestlers as Wyatt is from the family of Blackjack Mulligan while Orton is following in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather. The champion stood tall before his WrestleMania match, his championship title held high. Following that, with manager Paul Heyman in tow, Lesnar would go on to win a flurry of matches before becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Everyone is familiar with the friendship-turned-rivals narrative of Owens and Jericho and it sure is exciting to see how things will play out between them in the end. Throw in Triple H vs. Seth Rollins, and the top of the card is stacked. The Game's entrance alone should give fans a chance to cool off.

The main event at WrestleMania this Sunday evening has a true prize fight feel to it. The face turn is nearly complete, and this match should finish the turn.

That's right, Finn Balor is in the house and could be making his big return to television tonight. Or will the Deadman get one last win at Wrestlemania? As it stood Saturday night, his potential opponent is Big Show, who is slated to participate in a multi-wrestler rumble.

The pay-per-view will cost £19.95 for viewers in the United Kingdom and €24.95 for customers in the Republic of Ireland.

It isn't the women's fault; is the placement of their matches. My prediction: He eliminates EVERY other competitor. It could be Taker's final WrestleMania match. It is must-see, as the company is committed to its women's division. On an episode of WWE Raw, Braun Strowman called out Roman Reigns but it was The Undertaker who appeared. I've enjoyed seeing Goldberg each time he's been in the ring for WWE, and I have a feeling that these two are going to deliver on the big stage. This will be the Undertaker's 25th Wrestlemania in what has been one of the most stories careers in pro wrestling. Calaway is 52-years-old which by some measures isn't that old.

But if Undertaker isn't retiring, he should win this match with Reigns turning his heel. I hope that he kicks out of his malaise, same as me actually, at some point but until then it's heartbreaking to hear the little fella crying. I think we're in it for the long haul, so it's going to be interesting. There is always a chance to turn him back face later. Finally, Cena and Bella couldn't take it anymore, and the mixed tag-team match was agreed to.

When Rooney was asked if any other Premier League stars could follow him to WWE - a $1.5 billion entertainment behemoth - he hinted his plans have turned some England team-mates' heads. In fact, the last match was arranged just due to this fact. Orton had been one of Wyatt's followers, but broke free of his spell, eventually burning down the resting place of Wyatt's sister Abigail.

Again, this match could get weird. Wyatt won the title at Elmination Chamber. In Sunday's main event, former Atlanta Falcons lineman Bill Goldberg will take on ex-UFC champ (and Minnesota Vikings trainee) Brock Lesnar. Known then as "The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon" Scott Hall faced off with Mr. WrestleMania himself in what is considered by some as the best match in the history of professional wrestling.

Just in time for WrestleMania, WWE fans in India will be able to order their favourite WWE merchandise online at WWEShop.in, including authentic WWE Superstar apparel and accessories, WWE replica championship titles, toys, console games, collectibles, trading cards, stationery, and more. Goldberg has had his way with Lesnar in all of their previous encounters.

  • Salvatore Jensen