ICE arrests two undocumented Filipinos in Pacific Northwest

ICE's position has been less than cooperative.

Segal said there are other legal ways in which state and federal authorities can cooperate, and said, "Here in MA, law enforcement officers can't arrest somebody just because someone else asked them too, even if that someone else is the federal government".

Segal said advocates around the country have been "fighting these battles" about ICE detainers for years.

The election of Donald Trump has dramatically increased public scrutiny of immigration policy at the federal, state and local level - triggering widespread confusion over what is new, and what isn't.

In rent-controlled jurisdictions where housing prices are skyrocketing, however, some landlords are now threatening to report undocumented tenants or mixed-status households to ICE in order to raise their rents. The California Values Act would essentially create a "sanctuary state" and further widen the ideological chasm between California and the Trump administration when it comes to immigration. "There are so many spaces where Hispanics are not invited or not welcome and that's where we need our story to be told", Rodriguez said.

"The federal government is absolutely right that in our federal system the relationship between the federal and state governments is built on comity, on respect and quite often on cooperation", ACLU of Massachusetts Legal Director Matthew Segal told reporters after the proceeding. It would also make it illegal for landlords to threaten to report a tenant to ICE or otherwise compromise an undocumented tenant's legal rights. ICE is not about to concede that authority, but it is trying to have it both ways when it involves state and local authorities at its convenience even if it jeopardizes the important work of those authorities within their communities.

In San Diego, that would kick ICE agents out of the jails and would mostly ban deputies from notifying ICE about the release dates of non-citizen inmates, unless the information is also available to the general public.

Immigrant families appear to be eschewing all kinds of interactions with the government, not just aid. And the Los Angeles Times reported in March that reports by Latinos of sexual assault and other crimes were down. But his predecessor, Barack Obama, also deported thousands of people who were never convicted of any crime, including a year ago.

When asked where immigration authorities should draw the line, Bobo said: "It's not like we've figured out that these ones they should take and these they shouldn't take".

She describes another client whose landlord was pushing her to vacate her apartment. If she forced him to serve her with court papers, she would be found at the courthouse and deported. She said that change will not come until people who are not directly affected by the threat of deportations - or have family or friends living under such a threat - understand what's going on in immigrant communities. Gibson says that state law needs to be enhanced in order to address fears specific to the Trump era.

This issue exploded last month in Rockville, Maryland, after two undocumented immigrant teenagers were accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a boys' bathroom. "Her teenager was texting her and saying, 'Mom, there's some men at the door, and I think they might be here to take you'". The two men in suits, to her relief, were Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Larry Hoffman