House intelligence panel tries to get Russia investigation back on track

Flynn's lawyer Robert Kelner told NBC News the initial filing was simply a draft, and that the retired Army lieutenant meant to submit full financial information later.

Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. Army general, held the top White House security post for just 24 days before Trump ousted him in February after Flynn lied to Vice President Mike Pence and others about his contacts with the Russian ambassador to Washington in the weeks before Trump assumed power.

The second disclosure does not list the exact amounts he received for the speeches but indicated that Flynn received more than $5,000 from RT.

Flynn's lawyer, Robert Kelner, said his client was in the process of submitting his financial disclosures forms in the days before he left the White House.

Any decision to offer Flynn immunity would come from US attorneys and the Department of Justice. Nunes made the announcement without involving Schiff or his committee, and then proceeded to the White House to brief Trump on his findings.

The discrepancy could add to Mr Flynn's legal woes.

When the national security adviser tried to replace him, Cohen-Watnick appealed to senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner and chief strategist Steve Bannon, who reportedly got the president involved to save his job.

Trump has said he asked Flynn to step down because he misled the vice president about a conversation he had with the Russian ambassador to the USA during the transition.

While Schiff said "I don't think we can say anything definitively at this point" about the probes of Trump and Russian Federation, the president denounced the entire set of investigations and continued to stress claims that President Barack Obama and his administration had him wiretapped previous year.

Earlier, Nunes and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C. were enlisted to call reporters to discount stories about contacts between Trump aides and Russian Federation.

Spicer said the president wants Flynn to testify in front of the committees.

Former National Security advisor, Michael Flynn was sacked for his ties with Russian Federation and misleading other members of Trump's team about these ties 26 days into the Trump Administration.

In a 2016 interview with Yahoo News' correspondent Michael Isikoff, Flynn said he attended the RT gala in order to tell Russian Federation to convince Iran to end what he called involvement in proxy wars in the Middle East.

"Get out of bed with Trump" and "We need a guard dog, not a lap dog" read signs and chanted protesters Friday.

However, a USA official denied the report and said that that although Cohen-Watnick had access to that kind of intelligence material, he did not help Nunes obtain the documents.

Both congressional Democrats and some Republicans have criticized Nunes' handling of the House investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and potential ties between Russian officials and members of the Trump campaign.

Schiff said Sunday that he received the immunity offer with "healthy skepticism", explaining that such a deal might undermine the Justice Department probe.

  • Leroy Wright