Dutch store withdraws colouring book with Hitler's picture

A Belgian children's book was removed from shops Tuesday after complaints that it contained a drawing of Adolf Hitler. Kruidvat, the Dutch drugstore that carries the item posted a statement Wednesday on its website saying they "deeply regretted the incident".

The Dutch retailer was only alerted after the book had gone on sale and shocked parents began posting comments on social media.

'My suspicion is that the man who created the coloring book got a book of famous people out of the closet and selected a pair, which unfortunately included Adolf Hitler.

The book Kleuren op Code - colouring by numbers -contains portraits of various famous people for children to fill in, including Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln.

The company is now investigating how the illustration came to be in the coloring book.

"It is a nasty combination of circumstances".

However, even without colouring the image in it's clear that there is a swastika on his armband.

Several customers published a photo of the completed page from the coloring book on the company's Facebook page.

It was not clear how numerous books were sold.

Dozens of copies of the book were bought before it was taken off the shelves and the pharmacy chain has offered refunds to those who return it.

  • Leroy Wright