Dalai visit: Don't interfere

On corruption, the Dalai Lama said graft is a big problem facing the world and it was increasing because of lack of moral principles. "He is not there to make any political statement and he is not there with any political motive".

Rijiju has said India never interfered in Beijing's affairs, has respected the "One China" policy, and thus China should not interfere in India's internal affairs or object to the Dalai Lama's visit.

The 81-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader recalled, on Saturday, during his visit to Assam that "On March 10, 1959, there were huge demonstrations in Lhasa", the Tibetan region's capital.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) yesyerday issued a statement, saying that no additional colour should be ascribed to the Dalai Lama's religious and spiritual activities.

"Whenever I come to the North East of India, it feels like a reunion with people here", the Dalai Lama on Saturday said, "When I revisit Tawang, I am reminded of the freedom that I had experienced for the first time (in 1959)". As the controversy snowballed into a serious row between the two nations, the Tibetan spiritual leader himself weighed in, urging Beijing not to view his visit to Arunachal with a political lens.

The Dalai Lama will travel to the Arunachal Pradesh district of Tawang on Thursday, where he is scheduled to consecrate a monastery and address his followers.

"We have heard some comments from many quarters including the Chinese government".

China claims about 90,000 square kilometres in Arunachal Pradesh. "China has no business telling us what to do and what not to do because it is not our next-door neighbour", he said, further adding that Arunachal is an integral part of India.

"Our stance on the eastern part of the China-India border is clear and consistent", Hua said. She rejected an Indian suggestion that the Tibetan leader's visit was meant for religious objective, and no political issue should be made out of it.

The two countries have been involved in a territorial dispute concerning the region for decades. "We have certain issues with regard to delineation or the boundary on the spots on the ground along McMahon Line because it is not being demarcated on the ground".

"But the status of AP is indisputable". We are very much willing to remain with People's Republic of China.

He said Wednesday that China did not need to worry about his visit nor over his aspirations regarding Tibet, as his goal was not necessarily independence, but rather increased sovereignty. The Dalai Lama was received by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee in December, and invited by Pema Khandu, "chief minister" of "Arunachal Pradesh", to Tawang this month.

A day later, the Dalai Lama will be at the Buddha Park in Bomdila and on April 12 he will talk at Thupten Gatsal Ling in Itanagar.

  • Leroy Wright