Brian Kelly Thinks DeShone Kizer Should Have Stayed At Notre Dame

However, maybe that is not the case, as Kizer's coach at Notre Dame, Brian Kelly, says the quarterback should still be in college.

That's true, from a pure football standpoint.

Kelly appeared with Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier today, and was asked about Kizer's prospects. "But the circumstances are such that you have to make business decisions".

All of that sounds OK. Some may feel as though maybe one of the other quarterbacks are, I don't know that firsthand. If you're projected to be a first-round pick, it's hard to go back to school.

The club also recently hosted Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer on a pre-draft visit, as well, per NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. Things went downhill in a hurry at Notre Dame.

To be fair, Kelly did finish a compliment sandwich on an up note. There is still a lot of finger pointing in the program about who is to blame for what went wrong. It's a life-changing decision for Kizer and his family. Mahomes has been in the second and first round.

Former Buffalo Bills inside linebacker Zach Brown has signed a one-year contract worth $4.65 million with the Washington Redskins. "He's got those traits, but they've got to be continuously worked on", Kelly said.

"Honestly all the stuff off the field, he's just an incredibly candid young man that would be honest", Sanford said.

The "off the field" part is a warning siren. "Kizer has the ability to become a quality starter but has to improve his ball placement and field vision first".

Kelly made it sound that way.

That doesn't mean a team who's a quarterback away from a Super Bowl.

That's how it sounds to me. Why would you want to play for Kelly?

Kelly doesn't have to do a Dabo Swinney. We'll leave that up to Battle Red Blog to debate over the next few months because you can rest assured knowing that the Texans will draft a quarterback and face that exact quandary. That's especially true if the player is heading for a mega-million dollar deal.

Too bad Kizer's former coach isn't keen on promoting his quarterback the same way Lynch is. Lynch flew to South Bend for Kizer's pro day and ate dinner with the 21-year-old. Most recently, I've talked about how Tony Romo's retirement may have put the Chiefs into a very tough spot for drafting a quarterback early. So this is not an endorsement of Kizer.

Following the highlights I watch at least two game tapes from big games or against top teams the prospect faced in his career. "I think he has all the tools but needs time".

Things in Notre Dame were ugly a year ago. He didn't make the top 10 because it's kind of expected, certainly not his fault. "That wasn't a secret". He said the QB's abilities in Sanford's meeting room at Notre Dame should translate to learning an National Football League offense.

  • Julie Sanders