WrestleMania 33 cheat sheet - Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

There isn't anything Jericho can't turn to gold when he is on the mic or in the ring.

Dave Meltzer has explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Goldberg's WWE contract is indeed now up, but many in the company deem his run a success. Randy Orton; and Raw Women's Champion Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair. Vince McMahon addressed the situation in a December 2014 interview, claiming that while he disapproved of Ross' behavior at the event, it was ultimately Ross' decision to leave WWE as he wanted to spend more time at home than with WWE.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens helped each other for months and it seemed like this friendship they had going would continue for many more months. These two moments are the biggest reasons why WrestleMania XXX is top five of all time. Then the fact that Undertaker's record at WrestleMania means it would be a huge deal, and another sign of confidence in him, if Reigns did go over. But the former Shield and Authority member endured everything that inflicted on his injured knee to finally deliver the Pedigree on The Game himself after the COO of WWE had accidently bumped Stephanie on the table. Wyatt won the title at Elmination Chamber. I've really enjoyed the build up to this match - when you look at the build-up in some of the matches I've not enjoyed so much, they basically do everything that this build hasn't.

Speaking of Seth Rollins, he beat Triple H last night at WrestleMania 33, and that win is just as important as Roman Reigns beating The Undertaker.

This is H's 21st career Mania match, second only to Taker's 25. A Wyatt loss would be the third time in as many Smackdown pay-per-views that the WWE Championship has changed hands.

Big Show and Braun Strowman headlined the field for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and both got off to good start throwing WWE superstars over the top rope easily before the behemoths came face to face. Undertaker hit the last ride on Roman Reigns but he kicked out at two.

Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are set to face each other for the final time at WrestleMania 33 and it will be for the WWE universal championship. Orton should then face the insurmountable odds of the Wyatt Family as he chases the title post-WrestleMania. It looks like it will be a quick match no matter who wins.

Plus it is nearly a given that Lesnar is winning the title off Goldberg, and so it lacks the unknown quantity of Reigns v Undertaker.

Everything about Lesnar feels different from anything else in WWE, from his angles to his matches to his overall presence. It also makes "Raw" the night after WrestleMania must see, as Goldberg drops the belt. A rematch of the Wrestlemania XX main event at Madison Square Garden, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will once again meet on the grandest stage in professional wrestling.

Those are my predictions.

  • Salvatore Jensen