Worldwide outrage at Syria 'gas attack'

Britain, France and the United States on Tuesday presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council condemning the suspected chemical attack in Syria and demanding a full investigation.

US President Donald Trump yesterday condemned a Syrian chemical weapons attack that killed dozens and blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but did not say how he would respond despite calls from France for stronger US leadership.

"You'd expect that President Trump will stop imagining that Assad could represent an ally in the struggle against Islamic State", he said.

Tillerson also said that the attack is the third complaint about the use of chemical weapons in Syria in the past month. Opposition activists published videos of purported victims, including one showing nine lifeless children. And the idea of even an indirect alliance with a Syrian government that is gassing its own people will be a hard sell with a US public appalled by the reams of footage of the six-year civil war's horror.

The Ghouta attack prompted Obama to ask Congress to authorize military action against Syria in 2013. "These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a outcome of the last administration's weakness and irresolution", White House spokesman Sean Spicer told a briefing.

"Those who defend and support him, including Russian Federation and Iran, should have no illusions about Assad or his intentions".

The Syrian military denied responsibility and said it would never use chemical weapons. "As the self-proclaimed guarantors to the ceasefire negotiated in Astana, Russia and Iran also bear great moral responsibility for these deaths".

"I am very clear that there can be no future for Assad in a stable Syria, which is representative of all the Syrian people", May said, "and I call on all of the parties involved to ensure that we have a transition away from Assad".

The Syrian Observatory's report did not specify which government-allied force might have attacked the town.

The UK-based group opposed to the Syrian government said it had received the reports from medics on the ground in the town of Khan Sheikhoun.

The ministry spokesman, Maj. Shortly after, Syria agreed to a Russian proposal to give up control of its chemical weapons, leading Obama to retreat from threats of military action.

"From this major arsenal, chemical-laden weapons were delivered by militants to Iraq".

Idlib Media Center, a pro-opposition group, posted pictures of children who appeared to be death or unconscious. It was not immediately clear if all those killed died from suffocation or were struck by other airstrikes occurring in the area around the same time. The world MUST ACT against the chemical massacre in Syria. The previous two were reported in Hama province, in an area not far from Khan Sheikhoun.

The Syrian government was accused by Western powers of firing rockets filled with Sarin gas at rebel-held suburbs in Damascus in August 2013, killing hundreds of people.

The Russian statement follows an worldwide outcry over what was described as a chemical weapons attack on Khan Sheikhoun.

He said that anyone who uses such weapons to harm his people shows disregard for human decency and needs to be held accountable for the acts.

Numerous victims from the latest gas attack in Syria are children. Makeshift hospitals soon crowded with people suffocating, they said.

A Save the Children health clinic in nearby Maret al Numaan received three cases and transported them by ambulance to hospital, but staff warn that health facilities are overwhelmed and ongoing bombing is making roads treacherous. I mean I'm in Beirut, but what we do know is this is an area dominated by hardline rebel factions and which regularly comes under attack by Syrian and Russian warplanes.

"Honestly, we have not seen this before".

The Security Council is due to be briefed on the suspected toxic gas attack on Wednesday. "They were unconscious, they had seizures and when oxygen was administered, they bled from the nose and mouth", he told The Associated Press.

Trump shrugged at calls to use force against Assad's government and endorsed Russia's support of the Syrian leader. Israel has to make another humanitarian gesture and take in some of the victims of the Idlib tragedy for medical treatment.

  • Leroy Wright