Whose Title will it be at WrestleMania 33?

Wayne Rooney has confirmed he will leave Manchester United this summer to begin a career in WWE - with his debut appearance to come at WrestleMania on Sunday.

World Wrestling Entertainment has taken over Orlando, flexing its proverbial muscle in the land of Mickey and Goofy. Normally, a title change is exciting, but with the way the belt has been hot-shotted around in the past year, it has lost significance.

The WWE championship match will see Bray Wyatt defend the title against Randy Orton. The match was so stiff and hard-hitting, The Undertaker had to be rushed to the hospital after collapsing in the back post-match. He ended his speech by saying "never say never". Nonetheless, I am very excited for all of the different shows in the next few days, but most importantly I am very much ready for Wrestlemania itself. That stardom and that sincerity dovetailed nicely with Lesnar's own larger-than-life aura, turning what could've been a trainwreck into the best WWE program in recent memory.

To a very welcoming crowd, Goldberg announced that he has had an incredible comeback run for the last few months but maintained that it was time he went back to his family and left the ring for good.

This WrestleMania was a star-making show for Bret "The Hitman" Hart in Madison Square Garden.

That's why the "Raw" women's championship fatal four-way elimination match should go on here. Reigns is being molded into the face of the company so many expect him to grab a win here. The Goldberg vs. Lesnar match was one of the main attraction of WrestleMania 33. 30 years later and another stop the world moment is set to shake the WWE. "I idolised The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, not Alan Shearer or David Seaman". The same can be said of The Undertaker vs.

Seeing even more value here!

The Smackdown Women's Championship Match was originally scheduled for the kickoff show, but it was moved to the main card earlier in the week. It's a reminder that pacing, structure and storytelling are the most crucial aspects of a wrestling match, and that not every great match needs to be a long epic.

To be honest, even at the peak of his powers Goldberg expended so much energy on the way to the ring and in doing his two big power moves, that he rarely had time for much else. It was an incredible show and arguably the best WrestleMania.until the following year in Toronto.

With all of these matches, plus numerous others, this is the one show fans can't afford to miss.

At WrestleMania III the irresistible force, Hulk Hogan, met the immovable object, André the Giant in an iconic clash.

His return to WWE and capture of the Universal Championship was a dream come true for many WWE fans at first. In this match are all four women-Bayley (the champion), Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

Ross's eleventh hour signing was reported after last night's glittering ceremony at the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE pulled back the curtain on its operation decades ago, and yet it still packs a punch at the box office for WrestleMania. The match was not a technical marvel, but it accomplished what it needed to - it pushed Hulk Hogan to superstardom and immortalized Andre The Giant forever.

If given enough time, this could be a fun match.

This is my pick for match of the night. They sometimes go on after the crowd is burnt out from a previous match like Undertaker versus anyone.

What are your top WrestleManias?

"We'll know when it happens".

  • Salvatore Jensen