UK Passports could go back to dark blue following Brexit

Firms are understood to be expected to help pull together 729 different plans put together by government departments relating to Brexit since the vote last summer.

Amid a row with Spain and the European Union over the status of Gibraltar, a former leader of May's Conservative party, Michael Howard, even said she would be prepared to go to war to defend the small British territory near Spain's southern tip. There is no guarantee that this process will take only two years, however, and some experts expect the time frame to run closer to a decade.

We are not leaving Europe, but by leaving the European Union we can join the rest of the world and forge ties with other nations, including countries such as China, India, Australia and New Zealand, that do not now have preferential trade agreements with the EU.

The marks followed a report from the Exiting the European Union Committee, which suggested the Prime Minister needed to do more to consider the impact of failing to get a deal with the EU, after she claimed that "no deal is better than a bad deal".

Benn said: "We all want the best possible deal for the United Kingdom, but what we are able to secure will ultimately depend on what the 27 member states (of the EU) are prepared to agree to.

She said the same thing to me". But it is the expectation of the Government that the outcome of this process will be a significant increase in the decision-making power of each devolved administration.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier sees them beginning in early June; first the 27 other member states must agree to his mandate at an April 29 summit and ministerial meeting on May 22.

Any trade agreement would require unanimity among the EU leaders, a majority in the European Parliament, and ratification in all 27 national parliaments as well as in some regional parliaments, including that of Wallonia, which nearly scuppered the deal with Canada.

"We will hold the Government to account on the pledges made to the British people during the referendum campaign and since".

"We first have to walk them to the cliff edge and show them how bad it is", one European Union official said of Brussels' tactics. "They need to spell out the transitional deal that will be in place, to stop the economy falling off a cliff edge without new agreements in two years' time".

His Labour colleague, Owen Smith, said: "Bit by bit, the main planks of the Prime Minister's Brexit strategy are falling away".

The British public wants Prime Minister Theresa May to deliver the sort of Brexit deal that the European Union has shot down on multiple occasions, polling data shows.

"We will be working to get the best possible deal in the British national interest".

"I think the markets are also waiting for how this is going to move forward", Mr. Tetangco told reporters in a chance interview on Friday.

The PM added: "That's the sensible thing, it's the pragmatic way to look at this, and that's what we will do".

  • Zachary Reyes