Trump impersonator to host Comedy Central's 'President Show'

On Monday, the network announced Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik will head up a weekly satirical Trump talk show, starting April 27.

Its premise centers on President Trump bypassing "fake media" by hosting a talk show from the Oval Office.

"Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper will carry his 11 o'clock persona over to 11:30 p.m. Peter Grosz will appear alongside Atamanuik as Trump's sidekick, Vice President Mike Pence.

"Laughing at the President is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department", Atamanuik said in a statement.

Comedy Central did order yesterday a Donald Trump satire piece entitled The President Show, but Klepper's show indicates that this is not meant to be something that is around in this timeslot permanently.

The post-"Daily Show" time period has been in flux since August, when the cable network canceled "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" after a year and a half on the air.

The President Show is produced by Clone Wolf Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Comedy Central will try to recapture some of that back-to-back late-night magic once again. While presidential election season usually boosts ratings for shows like "SNL", the unprecedented nature of this presidency and the polarized state of the nation have fueled the appetite for political humor long after November. Though the "Daily Show" remains, it has not remained as popular as it was under Stewart.

@PresidentShow is now confirmed as the official show account, along with the host's account @LateNightDonald.

The Daily Show, The Late Show, The Tonight Show-why not just cut to the chase and do The President Show? "Everyone was calling their loved ones yesterday, checking if they were OK and how everyone was going to get home". "It will so amusing, the most amusing show", he added on a set made to look like Air Force One. That's anyone's guess. I have a feeling people might be reluctant in the beginning because they'll feel it's a "rip-off" show but something tells me once they realize how good Atamanuik is, they'll warm up to it.

"Just be nice. respect me. It will be so amusing, the most amusing show".

  • Leroy Wright