The Hardy Boyz make stunning comeback at WrestleMania 33, win tag titles

After weeks of speculation, The Hardy Boyz finally returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 33 last night and once again managed to leave us starstruck with their broken Brilliance.

That praise turned into a desire to see the Broken superstar back in the WWE and Sunday night gave the fans hope of that.

That cleared the way for Matt to scale the ladder, and pull down the two tag team titles to ensure the Hardy's made an incredible and triumphant return to the WWE.

"The Hardy Boyz" finally returned home [WWE] after 8 long years, as record breaking WrestleMania crowd were left simply shocked, as the team extreme won the Raw tag team championships.

It's hard to say goodbye to the Broken Matt Hardy character, but hopefully this goodbye will be more of a "see you later". However, both Matt and Jeff were gone from the WWE by 2010. The crowd erupted in "delete" chants, referencing the Broken Hardy storyline that was all the rage a year ago.

He would win control of the Hardy brand from Jeff, legally forcing him to rename himself as "Brother Nero".

With the Hardys as the new RAW Tag Team Champions, they are one of two new teams to enter the division. Maybe "Hairline Fracture Matt Hardy", if you're being generous.

There were a lot of surprising moments at "WrestleMania 33", WWE's biggest annual show.

But they're not really "Broken", per se-especially Jeff, who's been full on re-creating his Team Extreme-style maneuvers and mannerisms.

  • Salvatore Jensen