Susan Rice Speaks Out on 'Unmasking' Accusations: 'I Leaked Nothing to Nobody'

This is a firestorm.

The interview failed to impress White House social media director Dan Scavino, who referred to Rice as "Lyin', leakin' Susan Rice" in a post on Twitter. How do you reply?

There is no suggestion that what Rice allegedly requested was illegal. "I think every American should know whether or not the national security adviser to President Obama was involved in unmasking Trump transition figures for political purposes". "She needs to be brought in and questioned under oath", he said Tuesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe".

Benghazi also became a catchphrase for Republicans attacking Hillary Clinton's national security credentials during the last election. That's the same as the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the Central Intelligence Agency director. I received those reports, as did each of those other officials and there were occasions when I would receive a report in which a USA person was referred to, name not provided, just US person. Rice's unmasking requests were found during that review, according to the official, who insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the sensitive information.

"Let's just talk about the environment". Now, if that came to me as national security advisor, it would matter enormously. Or is this a serious person or company or entity with the ability to provide that technology, perhaps to an adversary.

The U.S. routinely monitors the communications of foreigners. "The intelligence community then processes that request through their normal procedures and if they feel they can give the answer, they give the answer". "We can't be passive consumers of this information and do our jobs effectively to protect the American people". When she was named as the person responsible for the unmasking, Republicans were primed to assume there was a scandal there - a point many openly admit. Furthermore, she denied that any of it was done for political purposes or as part of a coordinated effort to target the Trump transition team. "But the result was that it made it relatively safe for someone (or someones) to leak the info to the press". "I leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would".

"I know nothing about this", Rice said of Nunes remarks in the PBS interview.

Rice has denied the allegations, calling them "absolutely false" in an MSNBC interview on Tuesday.

Rice declined to comment about specific intelligence reports on Tuesday, but said that if Trump associates' names were speaking with foreign officials who were under surveillance, it was "possible" their names could have been gathered by USA intelligence agencies.

Rice's "unmasking" request a year ago and recent comments on her role in the surveillance efforts have placed her at the center of the wiretapping controversy in recent days.

Although it's all but impossible to prove, if Rice asked for those identities for political-not national security-reasons, there's a problem. The former White House official said she didn't have the authority to directly unmask any identities in those reports. Cotton said it was "hard to imagine the circumstances [under which] you would" unmask a name in an intelligence report "in the ordinary course of business".

  • Leroy Wright