Snapchat adds new feature to combat Facebook

The story feature of the new Facebook update works similarly to Snapchat.

The following chart shows how Snap stock (red/orange) performed as compared to Facebook stock (black) over the past one month. Now, users can search the app for keywords - think your favorite basketball team or "Spring Break" or "puppies" - to find stories featuring their chosen topic. Once you submit your snaps in Our Story, Snapchat might create a story out of them and they will be visible to anyone who searches for that particular story. Searches will be carried out by a machine-learning system that looks at the text in Snaps, as well as when and where they're posted, to discern if they're relevant to what a user is searching for, a Snapchat spokesperson told Quartz. Stories in Search has already started to roll out in select cities. Stories, a format popularized by Snapchat, is now a core experience across all four of Facebook's most popular apps.

Snapchat launched its Stories feature back in 2013, and it originally was just a way for all your followers to see snaps you wanted to share with the world. Now is the time to update to head on over to the App Store or Google Play search for the Facebook app and update.

A "Story" is a single photo or video (or compilation of such content) uploaded onto the platform that is only available to view for exactly 24 hours. The results have been incredible: you can search over one million unique Stories on Snapchat! The effects include, new effects-filled camera (much like Snapchat); a place for you to share your stories which disappear over a period of time; and a way to share straight from your camera to your friends. Snap is no longer only providing professionally curated stories - now, local communities will have their own Stories to which they can add their content.

In many ways, Facebook's logic for making Stories a almost identical feature in all four of its major apps is less important than the outcome. With this new search tool, Snap also opens up new avenues for advertisers. Users have access to a number of filters that could be applied to photos and videos. The company declined to say if it is putting ads in the results but it could likely be an important source of monetization for Snap Inc. Needham & Company LLC began coverage on Snap in a research note on Monday, March 6th.

  • Arturo Norris