One Nation insiders reveal party's policies created to "intimidate and frighten people"

Former Queensland One Nation treasurer Ian Nelson told the ABC's Four Corners program on Monday he urged Senator Hanson and chief of staff James Ashby to declare the use of an aircraft, but was told not to worry about it.

The Four Corners crew spent more than a month on the road with One Nation candidates and party dissidents, gathering a "legitimate, real look as to what is going on inside this party at the moment", with fascinating results aired on the program on Monday night.

Mr Nelson also alleged Mr Ashby had pressured him to hide the fact that Bill McNee, a Victorian property developer, had donated $70,000 to the party.

Karen had also followed up after the 4 Corners program to confirm from Pauline Hanson's Chief of Staff, James Ashby that the plane was his.

Senator Hanson, who shuns the use of a taxpayer-funded auto, has said previously she pays for the fuel.

Former party treasurer, Ian Nelson, said the primary goal of the plane is "to ferry Pauline Hanson around" despite being listed on the insurance form as for "business".

"Furthermore, any attempt to subvert these critical measures, which seek to ensure transparency and accountability in campaign financing, threatens to undermine public confidence in our system of democracy".

A senior policy advisor to Queensland Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls has been "strongly counselled" for acting without authority in making a deal with Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.

"I can't give you all the details about how James [Ashby] has come by his plane, if he's bought it personally or if it's been part of some sort of a donation", Dickson said.

The Jabiru aircraft bears the party logo and has Senator Hanson's image emblazoned on the side.

One Nation is being investigated by the Australian Electoral Commission, which party treasurer, Greg Smith, has said is a normal across-the-board compliance audit which is conducted on all political parties.

In the secret recording, Mr Ashby told candidates he had a deal with the LNP.

Nelson said that in March 2015 Ashby told the One Nation donor Bill McNee that, since he was a pilot, he needed a plane to fly Hanson around, and McNee agreed.

'How Senator Pauline Hanson has had access to a small plane for campaign purposes should have been reported, ' she told AAP on Tuesday.

Former One Nation candidate Dane Sorenson has told the show the party is a "brutal dictatorship", while saying the party fails to be inclusive or transparent.

"I can go through whoever I like", he said.

"If the public knew what went on in the party I don't think they'd have anything to do with One Nation", he said.

Senator Hanson has declined to comment.

"They will have a further conversation in coming days". The group noticed doors being closed to them on their travel to regional Queensland while scoping out the state electoral candidates, which all began to make sense when they were leaked a text message from the party's head office saying "do not talk to Four Corners".

"Pauline Hanson is all about Pauline Hanson". "We've put to the test her claims and we've obtained material that would suggest otherwise, which is very revealing", Ms Meldrum-Hanna said.

The LNP has ruled out widespread preferences with One Nation in Queensland but said it would decide on a seat by seat basis. "She'll sell you one thing and she'll do something completely different", Ms Baraiolo told the program.

'She is a populist, she goes on things that will get her the attention that she wants, get her in that power position that she wants.

  • Leroy Wright