North Korea Launches Another Ballistic Missile Into Waters Near Japan

"The United States has seen China for 25-plus years say they are concerned about North Korea, but we haven't seen them act like they are concerned about North Korea", Haley said.

The President's warning comes days before he is due to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes China is uniquely placed to help starve off the nuclear threat from North Korea.

"North Korea is clearly a matter of urgent interest for the president", the officials said.

Two weeks ago, the South Korean and US militaries said they detected what they called a failed North Korean ballistic missile launch. Trump sharply criticized China during his presidential campaign for what he described as unfair Chinese trade practices.

As the talks loom, China's chief diplomat Yang Jiechi and U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson agreed that the meeting was a "top priority", the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement on its website.

Bonnie Glaser of the Center for Strategic and International Studies says China has some leverage to discourage those activities, but it's reluctant to push North Korea too hard.

Still, Trump told the Financial Times newspaper that during his meeting with Xi, he doesn't "want to talk about tariffs yet, perhaps the next time we meet".

"There is a real possibility that North Korea will be able to hit the USA with a nuclear-armed missile by the end of the first Trump term", KT McFarland, deputy White House national security adviser, told the FT in a separate interview.

United Nations resolutions have failed so far to deter North Korea fromconducting nuclear and missile tests.

Mr Turnbull urged North Korea to stop its "reckless and risky conduct". He told reporters in Tokyo on Wednesday that "Japan can not tolerate North Korea's repeated provocative actions".

USTR, controlled by the White House, said that Chinese government industrial policies and financial support for industries such as steel and aluminum have resulted in overproduction and a flood of exports that have distorted global markets and undermined competitors. Coupled together, the orders appeared to be a symbolic shot at China, which accounted for the vast bulk - $347 billion - of last year's $502 billion trade deficit.

It is not clear whether Trump's comments will move China, which has taken steps to increase economic pressure on Pyongyang but has long been unwilling to do anything that may destabilize the North and send millions of refugees across their border.

Despite such divisions, Beijing seems committed to establishing a positive relationship between the two leaders.

"China will continue to work with the United States to think creatively and keeping pushing for greater balance in China-U.S. trade", Zheng said. "Both sides have shown their willingness to cooperate and they are expected to make a commitment for cooperation".

China, Xiong said, realizes that Trump "is a leader with a strong personality".

Still, outwardly cordial relations with USA presidents are also a longstanding Chinese tradition, in recognition of the importance of the relationship. The missile launch may be a precursor, with more to come as the summit starts later this week, Cossa said.

  • Leroy Wright