Nintendo Switch restocked across Australia retailers

As such, it could be a few isolated incidents, but it's early days yet and Nintendo Switch has only been in the market for a month now. Announced this morning by the magazine Famitsu, the Wii title Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is getting a remaster on the Nintendo Switch as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: All-Stars Heroes Re:United.

But American retailer Gamestop, which also serves the United Kingdom, is now warning customers it will be hard to find Switch consoles on the High Street for the rest of the year. Charging new money for old rope is exploitative at the best of times and Nintendo can not afford that kind of strategy when the Switch still needs to find its feet.

Switch enthusiasts and everyone else should be wary of websites that ask them to fill out a survey to unlock content, and Symantec noted that doing some additional research before downloading and installing any application on one's computer is a solid best practice. They are often abused and used to play "stolen" or illegally downloaded games.

And a recent news update may have provided some answers to why Nintendo haven't looked to flood retailers with mass amounts of Nintendo Switch stock.

Ditto for user Big_Bears: "Oh shit, this is a real thing".

Nintendo coats the cartridges with a substance that makes them taste unpleasant to discourage children from putting them in their mouths.

After around a decade playing on Sony consoles, I made a decision to move to the Nintendo side.

The addition of Switch support is a great way for more developers to hop on that train and also allow for more indie games to fill up the library.

Super Mario Run could easily be ported to the Switch.

Well, to be more specific, there are two problems, though one isn't Nintendo's fault. Adding the app-styled games appeals to anyone on the go riding the bus, train or even a vehicle in the passenger seat. Even so, the new file is quite disappointing in the sense that it doesn't offer much Virtual Console support. But being open is always a good start.

Nintendo confirmed that they would not be selling their new console at a loss, but it also appears that they are not going to be swimming in profits from unit sales.

  • Carolyn Briggs