Marvel's New Warriors TV Show Gets Series Order, Will Include Squirrel Girl

The series features Squirrel Girl (aka Doreen Green) as a totally empowering fan girl-tough, optimistic and a natural leader.

Squirrel Girl, a longstanding "joke" Marvel character who is enjoying a wave of popularity thanks to an ongoing comic series penned by Dinosaur Comics scribe Ryan North, won't be the only hero on the show.

A brand-new Marvel live-action comedy is coming to Freeform, courtesy of Marvel Television.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Freeform won a competitive bidding war with other cable and streaming services to land the New Warriors TV series by giving it a straight-to-series order of 10 episodes.

New Warriors is the second Marvel series ordered at Freeform, joining the hour-long drama Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, which is also expected to debut next year.

The New Warriors should sound familiar to Marvel devotees; the original team was created back in 1989 as a group of teenage heroes facing supervillains and real-world problems.

Anna Kendrick and Stranger Things breakout star Shannon Purser have both expressed interest in playing Squirrel Girl in the past, and Karey Burke, the executive vice president of programming and development at Freeform, told THR that they're being considered. Marvel's Jeph Loeb (Marvel's The Punisher, Marvel's The Defenders), and Jim Chory (Marvel's The Punisher, Marvel's The Defenders) serve as executive producers on the series. They want to make a difference in the world, even if their powers are not quite as impressive as those of The Avengers.

"Marvel's New Warriors have always been fan favorites, and now particularly with the addition of Squirrel Girl, they are Marvel Television favorites as well", said Loeb. But Marvel's new Cloak and Dagger series is heading to Freeform, and another Marvel series won't be far behind on the same channel. Doreen is confident and has the powers of a squirrel ...

Squirrel Girl, who has super strength, a prehensile tail, and the ability to talk to squirrels, was pretty much a one-joke character when she was introduced - plotted and drawn by Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, of all people - in a Marvel anthology comic in 1992, where she teams up with a reluctant Iron Man, and defeats Doctor Doom because he hasn't insulated his armor against attacks from her squirrel friends. Her most important trait is said to be her faith in people and ability to teach them to believe in themselves.

  • Salvatore Jensen