Joaquin Castro Says Trump Aides Will End Up In Jail

House Intelligence Committee Democrat Joaquin Castro said on CNN today that he "wouldn't be surprised" if when the investigation on Russian Federation is done, "some people end up in jail".

"Without sharing the evidence, because I know it's classified, but do you believe there is enough evidence already, evidence that you've seen that would justify someone going to jail or some people going to jail?"

Pressed by Blitzer as to whether he has seen "hard evidence of collusion" or could confirm the people in question advised Trump during the campaign or now work for the administration, Castro said he couldn't comment further, but reiterated his previous prediction.

Other Trump associates have been put in the spotlight over connections to Russian Federation, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump on Tuesday met with Dana Rohrabacher, a California congressman who has been referred to as Russian President Vladimir Putin's "favorite congressman", as the Russia story swirled.

Castro did not directly answer that question but offered his "impression".

As a member of the intelligence committee, Castro has seen more evidence associated with the issue than most members of Congress.

Rep. Adam Schiff says the White House was "duplicitous" in its conduct and has not explained why it tried to hide its role. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has agreed to appear only if he receives criminal immunity.

Susan Rice says it was sometimes necessary for her to request the identity of Americans whose communications were swept up in intelligence reports.

According to a USA official, Trump national security aides discovered that Rice requested the identities of Trump campaign advisers. She said that she is willing to be helpful, you know, and I read from that, obviously she has nothing to hide.

Rice also denied that she leaked information to the press, saying "I leaked nothing to nobody".

  • Leroy Wright