Jews Protest AIPAC Conference, Slam Support for Israel

The Trump administration is seeking agreement with Netanyahu's right-wing government on limiting settlement construction on land the Palestinians want for a state, part of a USA bid to resume long-stalled peace negotiations.

Speaking at the AIPAC conference, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday revived talk of the possibility the U.S. may move its embassy, saying Trump was seriously considering the matter.

The National Campaign to Lift the Closure of Hebron organized a protest in the southern occupied West Bank city, on Sunday, to denounce the policies of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), as the lobby held its annual policy conference in the United States. "America will stand strong in the face of the leading state sponsor of terrorism", Pence said.

In the interim, the new US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who is expected to be sworn in this week, is initially expected to live and work out of Jerusalem.

"We said, 'The days of Israel-bashing are over, '" Haley told AIPAC on Monday.

Pence delivered his speech while Jewish protesters outside the conference blocked the entrance to the Washington Convention Center, urging an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian-claimed territory. His administration has since emphasized that Trump supports whatever solution both Israelis and Palestinians support and can agree to. Under President Donald Trump, the United States of America will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

The 48th vice president of the US also promised those in attendance that the new commander-in-chief will do what it takes to make good on his vow to champion policies that are in the best interests of Israel and its people.

The group has been accused of being strongly allied with the Likud party in Israel, and the Republican Party in the United States.

The biggest question mark may be Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. The adopted resolution that condemned Israel's settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was met with heavy backlash from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Former presidents Clinton, Bush-43 and Trump all promised to move the embassy as one of their first acts in office, but none did.

His ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer, said a day earlier that for the first time in years or even decades, "there is no daylight between our two governments".

  • Leroy Wright