Goldberg gives unscripted goodbye to WWE Universe after RAW

New Day went on to discuss the impact Undertaker has had on the business, and said they spotted The Dead Man and his wife Michelle McCool at the hotel following WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 33 was also apparently the last match for The Undertaker, who after losing to Roman Reigns in the main event, signaled his retirement from wrestling after 27 years.

The 50-year-old former Universal Champion gave a heartfelt farewell to the WWE Universe in what appeared to be the end of his pro wrestling career.

Right from the start, the fans could tell that this was no regular promo, Goldberg told the crowd that what he had to say wasn't part of the show, and he wasn't reading off of a script.

Xavier Woods mentioned The Undertaker's long WWE run and how there are so many memories of The Undertaker for fans.

"So the situation with Goldberg is pretty much the way he described it in the interview at the end".

"You'd be surprised how little we know [while hosting]", Big E admitted. Eventually he spoke up and only said five words, "this is my yard now".

His return to WWE and capture of the Universal Championship was a dream come true for many WWE fans at first.

On Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melter was asked about the future of Bill Goldberg in WWE.

  • Salvatore Jensen