Florida Senate's bill on Amendment 2 clears first committee

This decision advances the bill to the House of Representatives, where it's one step closer to becoming law. The bill saw five hours of rigorous debate and dozens of amendments offered during floor action the day before the final vote.

Under an amendment made Monday night, the state would license up to 10 growers and processors of medicinal marijuana, and up to 30 dispensaries would be licensed around the state. Residents of Kansas City, Missouri, will vote Tuesday on whether to approve the Question 5 decriminalization ordinance.

Some Democratic senators questioned the goal of the measure and said that the bill is essentially "flaunting" the injunction issued by Sparks in January.

A separate amendment would require an independent laboratory to test medical marijuana before it is distributed to suffering patients in Florida.

If the Senate concurs, it then heads to the governor. Patients would be required to pay for a photo ID card in order to receive medical marijuana, which could be administered by pill, tincture, patch, vapor or oil, but could not be smoked or eaten, unless patients put the ingredients into their own food.

Under the bill, the patient must provide the product, and the measure is being amended to stress the product must be for topical use only. "We are under that jurisdiction", said Fast, R-Fayette.

An effort to clean up political contributions may inadvertently turn into a means to clean out one of the biggest fundraising methods for nonprofit organizations in West Virginia. The amendment appears to be substantially similar to a bill (SB 1472) filed Sen. He said it may diminish symptoms, but there are other medicines that can do that as well.

They said it would force undocumented further into the shadows by making them afraid to report a crime in which they are a victim or a witness, as well as increasing pressure to profile all Latino residents. "I don't want to be part of that". Moody along with Rep. Todd Hunter (R-Corpus Christi), Rep. Terry Wilson (R-Granite Shoals), and Rep. Gervin-Hawkins (D-San Antonio) voted to pass the bill while Rep. Mike Lang (R-Granbury) and Rep. Cole Hefner (R-Mount Pleasant) voted to kill HB81. Probably not. Write them a ticket, let's go on and move on.

The panel adopted an amendment that would lower the threshold for adding new medical marijuana treatment centers.

"This is a good piece of legislation", she said.

Streyle, however, said other charities supported the bill. "Why not give this piece of legislation a chance and hope the federal government will follow our lead?"

"Don't we want trained physicians to be able to use any tool available to assist and relieve the pain of their patients?"

  • Larry Hoffman