Cloture And The Nuclear Option: What To Know About The Gorsuch Vote

But standing in the way are the Democrats, and to get around them, the Republicans will have to use the "nuclear option". "It will symbolize to the American people that Mitch McConnell will virtually do anything, anything, even hurting the Senate, to get his way on the court".

As the full Senate began debate on President Donald Trump's pick, McConnell said Republicans have the votes to change the rules - the so-called "nuclear option" - if Democrats carry through with their filibuster threat. As for Democratic support, Wolf thinks it will still be there next year. In the face of the filibuster, McConnell would be expected to force through the rule change, leading to a final vote on Friday evening to confirm Gorsuch by a simple majority.

"The nuclear option would be to say that we're going to change the rules, so the filibuster no longer applies to Supreme Court nominees", said David Schultz, a professor at Hamline University.

The likelihood of more partisan wrangling left veteran GOP senators frustrated - and hoping that Democrats would relent in their opposition to the Colorado jurist.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding a nuclear option, Republicans remain optimistic.

"Miracles happen", said Sen.

Here's Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker.

McConnell (R-Ky.) said he had the 51 votes in his 52-member Republican caucus needed to change Senate rules without Democratic support, a drastic step ending a centuries-old parliamentary procedure that could have major effects on the Senate and the Supreme Court.

They jumped to fundraise off Mr. Merkley's speech Tuesday.

Senate Democrats planned to filibuster the nomination. The Maine senator said he initially found Neil Gorsuch to be "sincere, personable and thoughtful" but over time found the nominee's answers to be "at best, increasingly evasive, and, at worst, simply not forthright".

The resolution calls on the House to review whether Mr Trump's many business interests violate the foreign emoluments clause or the domestic emoluments clause of the US Constitution.

McConnell will need to put the rules change to a majority vote. "The United States Senate and Senator Baldwin should grant an up or down vote on Judge Gorsuch quickly". Some of the more liberal justices are among the oldest on the court, so more court openings could pop up.

On the floor, he called for Republicans to delay the vote while the FBI investigates ties between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

Following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, Republicans challenged President Barack Obama to nominate a moderate judge they could confirm.

Now, Trump's promise hangs over his nomination of Gorsuch. However, when they talk for the objective of delaying a vote, it's considered a filibuster. As McConnell has often noted, eliminating minority rights in the Senate means that when the political tables are turned, Republicans will be the ones with minimal influence on the future of the court.

"Republicans aren't going to be played for suckers and chumps", Cotton said on the Senate floor. "If Judge Gorsuch is unacceptable to our Democratic colleagues, there will never be a nominee by this president that you will find acceptable".

"That's what makes the Senate the Senate", the Kentucky Republican said, referring to the 60-vote threshold required to end debate on legislation.

  • Larry Hoffman