Brexit EU's Barnier says quick bill means quick trade talks

"If you wish to have no deal and force us to walk away from the table it is not us that will be hurt.a return to tariffs will risk the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people but you say you want to put the interests above that of your citizens and the EU".

Speaking to reporters during her trip to the Middle East, May ruled out stripping European Union migrants of their right to free movement during the post-Brexit transitional period.

The European Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly adopted its "red lines" for tough Brexit negotiations, insisting Britain first agree divorce terms before striking a new trade deal. "We're free to go", Farage said to hoots from other legislators.

In signs this week of the Brexit tensions that may surface, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said some within the ruling Conservative party oppose reaching an accord with the European Union and Manfred Weber, a German who is one of the bloc's leading lawmakers, said London's financial-markets business tied to the euro must be pared back after Britain leaves. All I can say is thank goodness we are leaving.

When he accused MEPs of behaving like the mafia, the parliament's Italian president, Antonio Tajani, intervened to object. "You think we are a hostage - we are not, we are free to go".

Only after progress on those issues would negotiators start "scoping" a future pact on trade, security and defence, he said.

Responding to Martin's earlier comments in the European parliament, Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs said they "underlined just how weak" Scottish Labour is on the matter of another independence referendum.

She added: "What we need now is to unite, to come together as a country and to ensure that we can get the best deal for the whole of the United Kingdom".

During the debate in Strasbourg Manfred Weber, chairman of the largest group of MEPs, the centre-right European People's Party, said: "Cherry-picking will not happen".

But Phillippe Lamberts of the Green Party said the United Kingdom had chosen the most extreme interpretation of the referendum, and opted for a hard Brexit.

"This month of May, the British people will send a message to Mrs May in local elections and the Westminster seat of Manchester Gorton".

The Union Jack (L), the Gibraltarian flag (C) and the European Union flag are seen flying, at the border of Gibraltar with Spain, in front of the Rock in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, historically claimed by Spain April 3, 2017.

Speaking of citizens involved, the Greens/EFA group co-president Ska Keller (Germany) said "They should be given peace of mind about their future, not treated as pawns to be traded". It's clear the Brexiteers' promises of a quick and easy trade deal with the European Union were built on sand. But what must be very hard for all of you is there is a bigger world out there than the EU.

"Labour also strongly support the Parliament's insistence that a future EU-UK deal requires the UK to retain global standards on human rights, climate change, social rights and the fight against tax evasion and avoidance".

  • Leroy Wright