Batman And Harley Quinn Movie Casts Big Bang Thory's Melissa Rauch

"So many fans have asked when there will be another Batman: The Animated Series, and this film really captures that sensibility and essence that people loved about the original series", Lester said. Melissa Rauch who is known for her role as Bernadette on "The Big Bang Theory" will voice Harley Quinn.

Today Empire revealed the voice cast for the Batman and Harley Quinn movie.

Rauch has so far remained silent on Twitter about her new role in the animation, produced by Bruce Timm who is renowned for bringing "The Justice League" to life from 2001 to 2006. "I would say this is a little milestone in the Batman-Harley relationship".

In Batman and Harley Quinn, the two reluctant partners, along with Nightwing, must stop Poison Ivy and the Plant Master (yes, he's totally real, look him up) from causing a global catastrophe. Sort of. It's going to be exciting to watch the entire film.

Batman and Harley Quinn is coming out in the middle of this year (summer in North America) on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally.

The upcoming "Batman and Harley Quinn" animated movie will be released in the summer in the US. Evidently, Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn will be forced to reluctantly unite in an attempt to prevent some dastardly calamity, as Ivy and Swamp Thing pool their own heinous resources.

She's got a great nasal voice - which she actually puts on for The Big Bang Theory - and it's certainly smart casting since she's supposed to be annoying as a character. "It's a dream role". This doesn't give me every vote of confidence, since Timm was behind The Killing Joke, but at least he's making an effort.

Other actors who will join Kevin Conroy and Melissa Rauch for the "Batman and Harley Quinn" animated film include John DiMaggio, Rob Paulsen, Robin Atkin Downes, Trevor Devall, Mindy Sterling and Eric Bauza. In all honesty, I used to speak exactly like that - my acting school professors really worked the accent out of me.

  • Salvatore Jensen