Automata sells 1m copies in a month — Nier

"Nier: Automata is definitely a Japanese game in style, but that will be a strong part of the appeal to many players", he said.

Nier Automata sales have apparently broken the 1 million sale benchmark, according to an announcement from Square Enix.

These figures are nearly definitely an improvement over the original Nier, though sales figures for that remain iffy.

And when you see the game's creator, Yoko Taro, bobbing about in a disturbing mask that's somewhere at the intersection of Frank Sidebottom, Jack Skellington and that weird clown-face thing from De Mambo, you might be surprised that the sequel ever got made at all. The game director revealed that he is tired of making AAA games that feature an experience with slight changes during the whole duration of the game.

Platinum Games-developed action RPG a success. In addition, the report mentions that the game is deserving to win the Game of the Year award, not for the story being told but rather, how 2B's story was told.

You'll laugh; you'll cry; you might even contemplate whether androids are capable of feeling emotion at all or if they're merely going by what they were programmed to do.

Automata was recently released on the PS4 and PC from Square Enix.

"NieR: Automata" was launched in Japan on February 23 for PlayStation 4, as well as in North America and Europe on March 7 and March 10, respectively.

  • Arturo Norris