Air Force: Pilot ejects safely before F-16 crashes near DC

A fighter jet crashed several miles outside Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Wednesday, the USA media reported.

Air Force spokesman Colonel Pat Ryder said the plane crashed in an unpopulated area about six miles (10 kilometers) southwest of National Harbor.

PGFD investigating aircraft down in area of Piscataway and Steed Road.

The pilot inside ejected safely and was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The plane was flying with other D.C. Air National Guard planes in a routine training mission.

Prince George's County fire department spokesperson, reported a pilot parachuted out of the aircraft and was picked up by a military helicopter.

Officials say if anyone finds what they believe to be a part of the aircraft, do not touch or move it, call Joint Base Andrews at 240-612-4428 & 4430.

Brady said the pilot is being evaluated and is in good condition.

Brady said that nearby homes were being evacuated. "Like how a large tree falls and shakes the ground", he said.

  • Larry Hoffman