US ambassador says no question Russia meddled in election

"Speaking from my own experience at the U.N., there can only be one secretary of state at a time", said John Bolton, a longtime State Department official who served as us ambassador to the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration.

Haley has taken a stronger tone against Russian Federation and its president, Vladimir Putin, than her boss.

"Challenging the rules of the club didn't make me popular at the State House, but it was necessary then, and it's necessary now", she said.

"The previous administration needs to take responsibility for that, as well", she said. He's a war criminal. He's used chemical weapons on his own people. Why aren't we dealing with that?

Ambassador Haley, who is of Indian ancestry, was asked whether the U.S. would make any effort to get India and Pakistan to engage in peace talks. Syria is in such sad shape, but it doesn't have to be that way. In the interview with ABC, she said Trump hasn't told her not to criticize Russian Federation and that she was "beating up on Russia" over issues such as its actions in Crimea and its dispute with Ukraine.

She calls North Korea, "a threat to the world", and demands that Beijing impose sanctions on Kim Jong-un's regime for its continued nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

The US, she said, no longer takes the excuses from China that they are concerned, too. "He's not stopping me on how we're working together [with Russia] to defeat ISIS". "Now it's time for them to prove it". She echoed the Trump administration's declaration on Friday making clear that the usa focus is on defeating IS. "And I think that is really what has gone on here".

"We do fully expect to have that on the 18th", said Haley. "We don't want to see people starve", Haley said in a weekend interview with Fox News geared to the start of the USA term.

Haley intends to focus on human rights, the United Nations budget, peacekeeping reform, and addressing the wrongs that have plagued the world body. "We do think North Korea is one of those that they need to be held accountable for", said the top American diplomat.

"The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea", Haley said.

"In South Carolina, I was the first minority governor and - a real shock to the state - the first girl governor as well".

The US on Tuesday said that it would try and "find its place" in efforts to de-escalate Indo-Pak tensions and not wait till "something happens", indicating that President Donald Trump could play a role in such endeavours. The White House has proposed slicing the us contribution by nearly half, $1 billion.

"China has great influence over North Korea".

HALEY: Well, it's - of course, he's got a lot of things he's doing.

Haley was an unlikely selection for the role, and not only because of her scant foreign policy credentials. We do not want any country involved in our elections ever.

Some of the most important members of her political team joined her at the United Nations, despite warnings from some longtime advisers that bringing them along would send the wrong message to her fellow diplomats. But it could still be added if at least nine of the 15 council members vote for it.

A Security Council briefing on peacekeeping is scheduled for Thursday, and a high-level meeting about North Korea is on the council's program for April 28, to be attended by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"They're not talking about we would care about". I know China wants to see North Korea stop with the testing. Every single month, for 10 years, they've been Israel bashing. "I want them to know that, look, that happened, but it will never happen again", she said.

"There is will on the Security Council that has been very supportive of the fact that this is a problem", Haley said.

In remarks that point to a possible change in Washington's publicly hands-off role in India-Pakistan affairs (aside from encouraging both sides to resolve their issues bilaterally while offering to mediate if both sides so desire), Haley, the first Indian-American cabinet level official in USA history, spoke of a more active suo motu United States role that has always been anathema to New Delhi.

"It's changing, and the tone is getting better", she notes.

  • Leroy Wright