Uber parks self-driving car fleet after wreck

Uber Technologies has decided it will suspend its trials with self-driving vehicles, after one of its Volvo's crashed in Arizona this weekend, reports Bloomerg.

Uber said the Volvo was in self-driving mode and two safety drivers were occupying the front seat at the time of the accident.

While there were no serious injuries as a result of the accident, photographs posted online show the Uber Technologies vehicle, a Volvo SUV, lying on its side next to another badly damaged auto.

Police reports from Tempe, Arizona suggest that a auto pulled out in front of Uber's Volvo SUV, with a spokesperson saying that the other vehicle "failed to yield".

Uber said when the program rolled out that the self-driving vehicles would need humans at the wheel in many cases, such as in bad weather.

Neither driver suffered serious injuries, and statements obtained from the Tempe Police Department by the New York Times confirm the autonomous Uber vehicle was not at fault. They weren't able to stop the collision, their vehicle ended up on its side. Arizona does not require any special permits for self-driving cars. The company resumed testing in San Francisco on Monday, since that program involves just two vehicles for research purposes and does not accept paying passengers.

Meanwhile, the last accident appears to have occurred due to the fact that another auto failed to yield to Uber's SUV.

This is not the first time for self-driving cars being involved in accidents.

A spokeswoman said Uber ended its suspension of the testing program in Tempe and Pittsburgh yesterday, following an investigation into the incident which involved one of its Volvo SUV self-driving test vehicles.

A driver in Tesla Model S in autopilot mode was killed in a collision after it hit a truck in Florida, last year.

  • Zachary Reyes