Study finds that Kentucky is very stressed out

Hawaii ranked in the lower half of states when it comes something that affects everyone-stress.

WalletHub compared stress levels nationwide, looking at hours worked, job security, and sleep.

Last year, stress levels reached their lowest point in a decade.

West Virginia ranked ninth worst for number of adults getting an adequate amount of sleep and percentage of residents living below the poverty line.

A new study claims our state's Minnesota Nice could be the product of a very low stress level.

Alabama is the most stressed state in America, according to a new study by the website WalletHub.

During the 10-year period when stress was declining, Americans commonly identified "money, work and the economy" as their biggest sources of worry.

Georgia scored above Florida, beating them at no.8 for most stressed state.

That's because it found that the Bluegrass state is the 5th most stressed out state in the country.

New Hampshire has the lowest share of population living below the poverty line, 8.9 percent, which is 2.5 times lower than in MS, registering the highest at 22.5 percent.

See the complete study here.

  • Larry Hoffman