Snapchat's April Fools' joke shows it can copy Facebook for a change

This new search feature is applicable only to stories or snaps submitted to "Our Story", the story submission feature created by Snapchat.

Snapchat said it uses machine learning to place the stories into different categories. With the overwhelming number of entries in "Our Story", it has inspired them to offer something that would make it more interesting to millions of users worldwide. This may be because Snap isn't too sure on its process either, which would explain why it's rolling out to select cities first.

Just yesterday Snap Chat (NYSE:SNAP) traded 1.35% higher at $22.88. Before, the feature was once-off and strictly vetted, allowing users to add their snaps to Our Story in the hopes that moderators would choose theirs for the final Story that appeared publicly on the app.

The move comes after Facebook launched new features this week that mirrored Snapchat, including short visual stories, camera filters and disappearing messages. This new public function will certainly introduce users to a more open experience, something that will certainly engage people in a much different way, particularly since the public setting will not run ads or show any sponsored results.

So, in its rush to wipe Snaphat away and become the main placefor social sharing online, Facebook has inadvertently highlighted that it's at its best when it does a slightly less-good job of connecting you to your friends. Let's see how long it takes Facebook to add this feature.

One more drawback of the new stories feature is that Facebook does not track the screenshots taken of stories now. Then, last year, the company launched a remodeled search page which made the platform even more accessible, albeit only incrementally, perhaps as a precursor to what they had in store with today's announcement.

Several of the analysts who rate Snap a "buy" cite their belief that the company will continue to roll out interesting products more quickly than Facebook.

It has been exactly a month since Snap Inc debuted on NYSE and the initial euphoria seems to have died down. And Snap stock investors need to be more patient before there can be more clarity on Snap's future growth.

  • Carolyn Briggs