Keystone XL opponents promise to fight "tooth and nail" in Nebraska

Trump had signed an executive order days into his presidency reviving construction of the $8 billion pipeline after the Obama administration rejected it in 2015 over environmental and climate change concerns, NBC News noted.

The POTUS signed an executive order early into his presidency that would result in the Keystone Pipeline approval.

"We've got some work to do in Nebraska to get our permits there", Girling replied. "That's some big pipeline", Trump said.

The Teamsters Union is pleased with the Trump administration's prompt issuance of a presidential permit today for the Keystone XL Pipeline. "This pipeline, and countless other projects around the nation, will improve America's energy security, create jobs, and help get the economy back on track".

After a new U.S. review of the project, Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon issued the presidential permit, concluding that it would "serve the national interest," the State Department said Friday.

President Donald Trump announced the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline in the Oval Office on Friday, surrounded by his cabinent, senior aides and president of TransCanada Russ Girling.

TransCanada's US -listed shares (TRP.N) jumped 3.7 percent to $49.50 in premarket trading. The figure, however, has been questioned as TransCanada itself predicts only 13,000 temporary construction jobs, with the U.S. State Department saying only 50 of them will be permanent positions, The Independent reports.

Despite the businessman's savvy negotiating skills, the pipeline would create far less jobs than what the current president is predicting.

In a statement Friday morning, Governor Pete Ricketts voiced his support for the approval of the project, touting the potential benefits for Nebraska.

The company still faces a long list of permits and approvals before it can start construction, especially in Nebraska where a state commission isn't expected to rule on the project until the end of the year. The company said it expects that process to conclude this year.

Environmental groups and activists with Native American tribes have long opposed Keystone XL, and in statements Friday they promised to protest its construction.

"As we move forward, we'll continue to look to buy the rest of the materials we need from". The environmental group vowed to lobby investors to shun the "ill-fated and unnecessary pipeline".

"We'll use every tool in the kit", said Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defence Council.

"After delaying the common-sense, shovel-ready Keystone XL pipeline for eight years, the Obama administration put politics ahead of job creation and energy development", says Thune".

  • Leroy Wright