Intel Committee Member: White House Mounting A Cover-Up

Fending off growing criticism, the administration invited lawmakers from both parties to view classified material it said relates to surveillance of the president's associates.

Senator Chuck Schumer also ramped up criticism of Nunes, calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan to replace him on the committee.

The reports, Mr Nunes said earlier last week, showed Mr Trump or his closest associates may have been "incidentally" swept up in foreign surveillance by United States spy agencies. Nunes told CNN that neither the President nor his team knew he was there, although a former White House official said he would have needed to be cleared and escorted into the building by a staffer.

Nunes, who was a member of Trump's transition team after the November 8 election, told reporters on Tuesday the House panel's investigation was moving forward.

At the same moments that Schiff was making that connection in a visit to NPR headquarters, another story appeared from The Washington Post: The White House might consider Yates' comments from her time as acting attorney general to be covered by executive privilege.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said he was "aware that former AG Yates meant to speak on these matters and sought permission to testify from the White House".

Intelligence agencies often spy on foreign nationals who talk with USA citizens.

Speaking at a congressional hearing on Russian meddling in the presidential election on Thursday, Warner calls the tactic Russian propaganda "on steroids".

"We encourage them to go ahead, but to suggest in any way, shape or form, that we stood in the way of that is 100% false", said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday on TODAY that Nunes at the very least has "put his objectivity in question" and "lost his ability to lead". Nunes said on Tuesday he would not.

When Nunes disclosed the intelligence reports last week, he said what he reviewed had nothing to do with Russian Federation, which could suggest that Trump associates were in touch with other foreign targets of USA intelligence surveillance in November, December or January.

President Trump has seized on the statements as some vindication for his assertion former President Barack Obama tapped his telephones at Trump Tower.

In a piece also published Tuesday, Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker asserted that the White House has been coordinating with Nunes.

President Trump is calling the investigations of his campaign's ties with Russian Federation a "hoax" - even though his national security adviser and his campaign chairman were fired over it. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the correspondence. He previously served on Trump's transition team.

Mr Nunes told Bloomberg that the meeting occurred on the White House grounds because it was the most convenient secure location with a computer connected to the system that included the reports, which are distributed only within the executive branch. He reportedly took information related to Trump's unproven wiretapping claim to the White House without telling anyone on the committee. On Tuesday, new reports cast further suspicion on Nunes' impartiality and prompted one Republican representative to call for Nunes to recuse himself.

  • Leroy Wright