Headstrong politics obstacle to bipartisan health care compromise

Will Trump and Republicans defy the will of the 83 percent of Americans who have indicated they do not wish to lose the protections of the ACA? Their only real goal was to repeal Obamacare, period. He gushed publicly it was the beginning of the extreme right-wing restructuring of government he'd been dreaming about for his entire career.

House Republicans are considering making another run next week at passing the health-care bill they abruptly pulled from the floor in an embarrassing setback to their efforts to repeal Obamacare. To make matters worse, I was told, along with the rest of Congress, that this bill was the best we were going to get and we could "take it or leave it". Yet some of these new changes included repealing benefits that guaranteed health insurance plans for people in the U.S. Even still, these changes were not enough to win the support of members of the Freedom Caucus, who wanted a bill that more aggressively dismantled the ACA. Schakowsky decried House Speaker Paul Ryan's decision to continue his attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

They lie to us and then they fail to act upon the things that actually drive up the costs of providing medical care and drugs to Americans.

With this failure of ideas, it is incumbent that Republicans now accept what the American people already know: the current system (yes, Obamacare) is working.

Yes, the subsidy would add to the federal deficit, but the expense to cover pre-existing conditions, the juggernaut of expense in the ACA, would be shared by all Americans.

After the GOP spent seven years railing against the Affordable Care Act but failed to pass an overhaul to the law last week, most voters want them to stop trying - except the party base.

The news service cited two unidentified Republican lawmakers who said leaders are discussing a vote. And it could do that by including small healthcare provisions in other pieces of legislation, like future tax reform bills.

Ryan met with President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and some senior staff at the White House Monday about the rest of the party's agenda. That's why tax reform brings every special interest group on the planet out of the woodwork to fight against losing their favorite loopholes.

Other Republicans said they're unaware of any plans to act on health care, and the remaining disagreements on the measure could be very hard to resolve. The law has helped many Americans obtain insurance, sure. And it failed miserably. However, the legislative process itself has a way of improving and refining public policy.

"Many of the criticisms of the ACA are, in fact, valid", says RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of the National Nurses United, the largest union and professional organization of registered nurses.

However, Democrats can not gloat over what happened to the failed GOP effort last week.

Since he's a pathological liar with a limited attention span, Trump has never been terribly reliable at predicting what Trump might do next.

The ACA was not flawless, but it made coverage available to 49,000 residents of my district and ensured that every constituent who already had private insurance would no longer face lifetime or annual caps on coverage.

More than anything else, Trump wants to be a victor. Throughout the debate on health care, and when this bill was first introduced-the replacement bill-I sat down with doctors, and nurses, and seniors, and folks from the disability committee, and talked about what worked now, what wasn't working now, and in this law, what worked and what isn't quite right.

  • Salvatore Jensen