Flynn failed to disclose income from Russia

White House officials on Monday said they were concerned by reports that indicated the National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama had reportedly "unmasked" names of associates of President Donald Trump which were gleaned from eavesdropping on foreign intelligence targets, as the President once more claimed he was the target of surveillance during the 2016 elections.

Mr Kelner said the FBI compensation was for a speaking event in 2015 and training Mr Flynn provided to the bureau.

"Alex Whiting, a Harvard Law School professor writing on the Just Security website, said Flynn's offer to testify in exchange for immunity was "not a serious offer", suggesting it was rather a tactical move. I think more and more, the substance that continues to come out on the record by individuals continues to point to exactly what the President was talking about that day on March 5". "I think people just jump on this based on things that get leaked or half-truths". Nunes viewed the documents during a mysterious late-night visit to the White House.

Schiff added that he was suspicious of the president's attempts to undermine the credibility of the congressional investigations into Russia's involvement in the election.

Over the weekend, Mr Trump fired off two tweets in his customary combative style, lambasting the media for its continued focus on the Russian Federation story.

"The main issue in this case, is not only the unmasking of these names of private citizens, but the spreading of these names for political purposes that have nothing to do with national security or an investigation into Russia's interference in the USA election", a congressional source close to the investigation told Fox News.

Trump, a Republican, said in a tweet that Democrats were pursuing investigations because they were upset about his November 8 victory over their party's candidate, Hillary Clinton. "Basically say 'Don't look at me don't look at Russia, There's nothing to see here'". "The discussions did not include immunity or other possible conditions for his appearance".

It also shows how Flynn "quickly cashed in on his experience and access by working with more than a dozen Washington D.C. consulting firms and Silicon Valley tech companies seeking to expand their federal government contracts" after he was replaced as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, notes Politico.

Congress has the authority to grant someone immunity, but doing so could jeopardize the Justice Department's ability to use that testimony as the basis for any criminal case it might want to bring. Obviously, everyone knew when Flynn asked for an immunity it meant that he would have something to hide and that this immunity was very much needed to get him out of trouble. The lawyer described the talks as ongoing.

These sources told Fox, as Nunes has also reported, that the foreign intercepts whose American participants were unmasked in 2016, were unrelated to Russian Federation.

Cohen-Watnick appealed to two Trump administration officials with whom he was close, Politico said - Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, and Stephen Bannon, his top strategic adviser.

Flynn was forced to resign in February from his position as Trump's first national security adviser after it was revealed that he misled Vice President Mike Pence about a conversation he had with the Russian ambassador to the USA in late December.

  • Salvatore Jensen