Escape of cattle from St. Louis slaughterhouse spurs roundup

Police spent hours Thursday afternoon trying to capture several cattle after they escaped from a north St. Louis slaughterhouse.

In this Thursday, March 30, 2017 photo, a police officer and a slaughterhouse worker hide behind a tree as they try to corral a heifer in a fenced in area at Sensient Colors in St. Louis.

"It's just so incredibly sad". She said each shelter would take in three cattle.

Susan Coston, director of Farm Sanctuary in NY, said that she is looking to partner with another organization to give the runaways homes. Comedian Jon Stewart and his wife rescued a bull named Frank that escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse a year ago and turned it over to the sanctuary.

Both the rescue group and the cattle owners arranged a deal; now the cattle will spend the rest of the lives on the farm.

"If anyone wants to buy them", he told the Post-Dispatch, "that's fine".

The cost of each animal is around $1,800 depending on the weight. All six were captured and contained by 7:06 p.m. that night, according to the St. Louis Police Department.

Asked about Hamdan's offer to sell the crafty cattle, Coston said the farm doesn't pay for any animals.

That's prompted a local vegetarian to launch an online fundraising push to buy the animals' freedom.

"I'm all in", he said by phone.

  • Joanne Flowers