Chimpanzee chucked poo in a grandmother's face in MI zoo

A new viral video captures an unassuming suburban family on a trip to the John Ball Zoo in MI, specifically to the chimpanzee pit.

Don't make that chimp mad!

A chimpanzee seemed a bit irritated Sunday with the visiting crowd at its enclosure and chose to take matters into its own hands.

He flicks his arm at the crowd as he tosses his feces right at them. Raucous laughter and shrieks erupt from the small crowd of zoo patrons as a sizable chunk of excrement sticks to an elderly woman's nose.

In a viral video shot by former zookeeper Erin Vargo, the agitated ape is seen dancing a little ... then defecating.

"It got Grandma!" said a woman behind her, with a look of glee and a trill of delight that the shocked and smeared victim could rightfully consider utter betrayal.

"So Jake and I thought we were going to have an average day at the zoo... turns out it would be the day of the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life".

Jacob Mitchell posted the clip, "It Got Grandma" on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

  • Salvatore Jensen