'Big Little Lies' Murder Mystery Revealed in Shocking Finale

Warning: Finale spoilers are discussed below!

The seven-episode series consisted mainly of flashbacks.

It's one of the biggest differences between the series and the Australian novel it's based on, a delightful, frightening book by Liane Moriarty that you probably ignored because it's marketed condescendingly to women (there is an actual lollipop on the cover, and the only indication that it's a thriller is a cover blurb from Stephen King).

The scene shows Perry (Alexander) attempt to seduce Celeste (Nicole) by showing her his erect penis poking out of his unzipped trousers.

"No, no, this is the flawless ending". "There is no way; there's no reason to make a Season 2".

"Now it's up to the audience and their imagination to figure out", he said of the tantalisingly open-ended finale. Then again, it's not like taking huge breaks between seasons is something that is that unusual these days. "Big Little Lies Two?".

Reese Witherspoon (who's also an executive producer) and Dern did a live talk on Facebook and Instagram on Sunday.

Big Little Lies gave the closure fans needed. It could be like Sherlock and happen every few years. Big Little Lies was structured so that even though we knew a murder takes place, we didn't know the perpetrator or the victim. As she explained in a recent interview, there are a slew of stories still to tell about the women of Monterey who were drawn into a murder mystery.

All in all, the finale was packed with the appropriate tension and fun red herrings that fit the show perfectly and made for an incredibly satisfying conclusion. And then we'd check in again at the end of the day because it's tough to do that for 8-10 hours and then jump in your auto and go home to your family. Jane's Chekovian gun (which never went off!) was enough to prime that pump without the village idiots speculating about things that (as became very clear) they knew nothing about.

Kravitz's depiction of Bonnie brought some real gravitas to Big Little Lies; she was easily one of the show's most sympathetic characters, even though she obviously wasn't supposed to be.

"Witherspoon's work in Big Little Lies feels nearly like a lifetime-achievement-level performance, not because she's in the twilight of her career - for from it - but because it's such a concrete demonstration of what can be achieved with maturity and how that maturity can have an even greater impact on an audience", Vulture wrote.

BIG LITTLE LIES comprises of 7 episodes which make it easier for the viewers to watch. Who was responsible for bullying Renata's daughter? And in that scene, we were endeavoring to show that the women had come together, that the story is not over.

And it really is in the moment when Perry is killed that Madeline, Celeste, Jane, Renata, and Bonnie are bonded forever. "There are so many different ways to go with all of these women". It's exactly what you want.

"The friendships between us as actresses are so powerful and still are", she said.

  • Salvatore Jensen