Arrest Warrant Against Actress For Hurting Hindus

Ludhiana court has issued an arrest warrant against Bollywood actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant, for allegedly making unacceptable remarks against sage Valmiki, the writer of mythological Hindu epic "Ramayana".

Arrest warrant furnished against Rakhi Sawant By Ranjini Maitra Rakhi Sawant has been booked by the Ludhiana police for making derogatory remarks against Saint balmiki.

The police also stated that a two-member team had left Ludhiana with the arrest warrant to bring the actress in. The next hearing of the case is on April 10. Reportedly an arrest warrant has been issued against the controversy queen for she was once again irresponsible with her words. Rakhi allegedly made objectionable comments about Valmiki on a private television channel a year ago. The more she stays in news, the more she hogs headlines for mostly all the wrong reasons. No, she is not a victim of any MMS or came out with a bold onscreen act. Later that, Rakhi Sawant Dress Changing Video leaked on the internet.

She even apologized for hurting the community's sentiments.

Last year, Sawant had allegedly compared Valmiki with singer Mika Singh.

Her comments have immensely hurt the religious sentiments of Valmiki community and its numerous followers. To quote her, she had said, "Hum Valmiki ki baat karte hain, vo ek time pe logo ke murder karte the. May be because I belong to the film industry, I am an easy target".

  • Leroy Wright