Trump Says U.S. Would Act Alone on North Korean Nuclear Threat

When asked by the Financial Times if he will consider offering Beijing a "grand bargain" like withdrawing some of USA forces from the region in exchange for pacifying Pyongyang, Trump dodged the question, saying instead, "Well if China is not going to solve North Korea, we will".

Asked how he would tackle North Korea, Trump said: "I'm not going to tell you". Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited China last month to press North Korea's neighbor for help in mitigating that threat, and Trump is scheduled to host Chinese President Xi Jinping this week in the USA, where he intends to bring the issue up.

Trump's national security aides have already compiled a list of options, both economic and military, that Trump will have at his disposal against North Korea.

China hopes that the two sides will meet each other halfway and continue making joint efforts to ensure the meeting a success, Yang said.

However, the 70-year-old refused to explain if he would consider a "grand bargain" in which China would pressure Pyongyang in exchange for a guarantee that the U.S. would later remove troops from the Korean peninsula.

Trump said trade was the incentive for China to work with the United States.

Tillerson said Trump is looking forward to receiving Xi at Mar-a-Lago residence in the USA state of Florida.

At the invitation of Trump, Xi will meet the US president on April 6-7.

He also said China knows that the collapse of North Korea would lead to a unified Korea allied with the US right on its border. The two are expected to discuss a number of issues, including North Korea, trade and territorial disputes in the South China Sea during their meeting on Thursday and Friday.

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests past year alone and is believed to be developing a nuclear missile capable of reaching the US.

On March 22nd, North Korea, unsuccessfully attempted to launch its third rocket since Trump's inauguration in January. During his campaign, he accused China of unfair trade practices and threatened to raise import taxes on Chinese goods and declare Beijing a currency manipulator, though it is unclear whether Trump will follow through with either threat.

The Treasury Department blacklisted one North Korean trading firm and 11 individuals Friday for their involvement in providing support to the North's nuclear and missile programs as Washington further tightens the financial screws on Pyongyang.

US experts warn North Korea is planning its sixth nuclear text.

"They need to show us how concerned they are. The only country that can stop North Korea is China, and they know that".

China, in turn, emphasized said that any USA trade-related endeavors must comply with worldwide trade rules.

Former U.S. defense secretary Ash Carter, also speaking on This Week, said the U.S. had a plan for a preemptive strike on North Korea's Yeonpyeong research facility in 1994 when Bill Clinton was president.

"We have those options", he said.

  • Leroy Wright