The Best Deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8

Dancers can be seen finishing their performance, forming shape of unique bezels around Samsung Galaxy S8. Only Samsung and Apple, with their massive marketing budgets and powerful brands, could do this and get away with it.

The 2660 x 1440 resolution promises to deliver a high-quality resolution.

"The Galaxy S8 is the most important phone for Samsung in a decade and every aspect will be under the microscope following the Note 7 recall", said Ben Wood, a smartphone industry analyst with UK-based CCS Insight. Depending on where you are it will feature Snapdragon 835. The risk seems to have paid off as initial reviews are positive. It also includes the GPU, digital signal processors, a dedicated image-processing chip, an audio chip, and an LTE modem, none of which show up on most benchmarks. But by going to a slightly heavier and slightly longer phone, in the Galaxy S8 you get an screen that is inch one inch bigger. One area where the iPhone 7 really feels better is the weight. The phone come with the same battery packs as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge+ before them - of 3,000 mAh and 3,500 mAh variety. The design combination of glass, metal, and an absolutely huge screen display in a body that's much lighter and smaller than you might expect. This means you can use a combination of your voice and taps to complete tasks. The main camera has remained unchanged, but Samsung did swap out the 5MP selfie shooter on the Galaxy S7 and replaced it with an 8MP one with autofocus on the Galaxy S8.

The S8 will be £689 and the Plus £779 (that's up from £569 and £639 on the S7).

Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy said, "The top three things about the Galaxy S8 is, first of all, the infinity display, kind of edge to edge, nearly no bezel at all".

Battery life is another area we'll have to reserve judgment until we get the chance to run some tests, but it's reasonable to expect the S8 to be the victor here. It gives you more reactive AI that starts to notice things about your habits, like if you call a particular person every day at the same time, and sets a reminder if you haven't. Samsung might as well have a phone of the year, and we are saying this even though it's just March.

There aren't a lot of other phones out there with iris scanners.

  • Carolyn Briggs