Donald Trump urged to follow worldwide standards to analyse deficit

But officials told the newspaper that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson makes the decision about US policy toward China.

If such cooperation flourishes, "it will not be easy for anyone to shake", says He Weiwen, a former ministry official who's now deputy director of the Beijing-based Center for China and Globalization.

"The meeting next week with China will be a very hard one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job losses", Trump tweeted.

"If a foreign company, often due to its being partly or entirely government-run or subsidised, is able to flood American markets with an artificially cheap steel, for example, they price American companies out of the system", Spicer said, throwing a brickbat at China.

The ministry of commerce said the U.S. should only act "in accordance with global rules", according to Xinhua news agency, a mouthpiece for the Chinese state.

Zypries said that while the executive orders were initially only reviews, "they show, however, that the USA obviously wants to move away from free trade and trade agreements".

"We are willing to make joint efforts with the USA as to maintain a stable military-to-military relationship while striving to make new gains", spokesman Col. Wu Qian said.

China's immediate response to Trump's tweet was diplomatic, with Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang telling reporters Friday morning that "both sides look forward to a successful meeting so that a correct direction can be set for the growth of bilateral relations".

Officials and executives from Shanghai made two visits previous year to Chicago, which helped convince the popcorn maker Garrett Popcorn to choose the city for its first store in mainland China, according to a statement from Shanghai's commerce commission.

Bob Honts, the owner of Texas Lone Star Enterprises in Austin, Texas, accompanied Texas governor Rick Perry on a trade mission to China in 2014. "You can't do that".

The figure can be deceiving because the United States has a deficit of US$750 billion for goods alone, but a surplus in services of US$250 billion.

Trump has frequently accused China of keeping its yuan currency artificially low against the dollar to make Chinese exports cheaper, and "stealing" American manufacturing jobs. That far outweighs the $800 million to $1 billion that Boeing spends a year on aircraft parts made in the People's Republic, joint ventures and other operations.

"These actions are created to let the world know that this is another step in the president fulfilling his campaign promise" to tackle trade abuses, Ross said. "So to discourage this practice, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency has a mechanism for assessing these type of transactions and imposing financial penalties, known as countervailing duties, when it's determined that this kind of malicious dumping has occurred", he said.

The review will represent the first systematic analysis of what are the causes behind the imbalances, country by country and product by product, he said, adding that it will form the basis for "measured" decision making by the administration.

Trump's team argue China has exploited the United States by encouraging exports, to the detriment of products manufactured in American factories.

  • Joanne Flowers