Trump's ex-NSA Flynn seeks immunity in Russian Federation probe

Investigators want to know whether there was any collusion between them and Moscow's concerted effort a year ago to hurt Trump's Democratic election rival Hillary Clinton.


Flynn, who ran the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama, was one of Trump's closest advisers during the campaign and was one of the more vocal critics of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, even leading chants of "lock her up" during his Republican National Convention speech regarding her use of a private email server. He was sacked after news reports revealed that he'd misled the White House about conversations he'd had with the Russian ambassador.

"General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit, " Flynn's attorney, Robert Kelner, said in a statement Thursday evening.

If by chance Flynn did do this, obviously he would want an immunity.

The FBI and both congressional panels are conducting investigations into Russia's election-related hacking and misinformation campaign as it relates to the 2016 race. Some are saying it's too soon to do that. Meanwhile came the big announcement that Trump will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping next week at Mar a Alamo in Palm Beach. Everyone can understand why Flynn would want this, but the question is, what will he say and what does he have on the Trump administration?

SHAPIRO: Is this insane, or is it insane like a fox?

"So why bring Michael Flynn back when Michael Flynn inside the White House when Michael Flynn is no longer part of the White House".

WELNA: It's hard telling. "I think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media".

Spicer said he wasn't going to offer Flynn advice on asking for immunity from the podium, but said Flynn should take every "precaution" in order to get his story out.

And this kind of recalls the Watergate hearings from 44 years ago when a White House lawyer named John Dean agreed to testify.

In a letter sent Thursday, Trump's top White House lawyer invited the highest-ranking lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committees to view classified materials, which it said had been uncovered in the "ordinary course of business". One was filed while he was still in the administration.

The form that does disclose the paid speeches was signed by Flynn and dated March 31, the day before the forms were released to members of the public and after news broke that Flynn requested immunity in exchange for cooperating with investigations.

Kushner, like Trump, a prominent real estate titan, held a position in 267 separate entities, ranging from the Trump transition team to dozens of property holdings in NY and New Jersey.

SHAPIRO: If we don't know what he'll say, do we have any idea when he'll say it?

Flynn's alleged interactions with Russian diplomat Kislyak, as well as other foreign interests, are being weighed in decisions on whether or not to grant Flynn immunity, according to USA Today.

WELNA: Well, I think we would not hear from him before we hear from former acting attorney general Sally Yates. Earlier this week, the White House disclosed that Trump's son-in-law and White House senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met executives of Russian state development bank Vnesheconombank, or VEB, in December. What seems to be their strategy here?

SALTZBURG: We're watching for something that is often very hard to find, and that is a signal from the Department of Justice and the FBI as part of it that they are done with their investigation of General Flynn. The White House continues to insist that Trump was right when he tweeted that President Obama ordered that he'd be wiretapped.

Things settled down for the next couple of days with regular old around-the-clock bullshit on Capitol Hill as Democrats ran to every mic-stand they could find to "demand" the resignation of Dim Bulb Nunes from his post as chairman of the House "Intelligence" Committee. And the White House claims this routine monitoring of communications revealed the identities of some of the Trump transition team.

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