Trump Should Not Turn Against Freedom Caucus

In a tweet on Thursday morning, Trump said the caucus "will hurt the entire Republican agenda", and suggested that members should face primary challenges next year.

Additionally, Rep. Mark Sanford of SC, a Freedom Caucus member, said Mr. Trump threatened to support a primary challenger to run against him in next year's elections, according to Reid.

"We are gonna win, win, win", Trump had promised at a National Rifle Association convention in Louisville last May, among other locations. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!

While many Freedom Caucus members had been close allies of Trump's before the implosion of the bill, Sanford had always maintained his independence.

"President Trump with a tweet storm, naming names, after his failure on health care, ObamaCare still the law of the land, " hyped ABC Anchor David Muir on World News Tonight, "And President Trump is making it clear who he blames".

It's about time we had a businessman in the White House.

Looking to the midterms, Paul said, "One of the biggest risks to Republicans in 2018 would be voting for a health-care plan that raises people's insurance premiums and has less people with insurance". Trump did not offer specifics, and White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday said Trump's comments came during a "light-hearted" moment.

Hours later, he went a step further and singled out three members of the Freedom Caucus - Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, Rep. Jim Jordan of OH and its chair, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina - in a series of tweets.

His chief of staff says the President is now more open to working with Democrats on tax reform and a giant infrastructure bill.

After failing in their first attempt to pass health care reform, President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are pressuring congressional Republicans to make sure the next attempt is successful.

The Freedom Caucus, however, has many similarities to Trump. "No shame, Mr. President".

"This is a can-do president, who's a business guy, who wants to get things done, and I know that he wants to get things done with a Republican Congress", Ryan told CBS. "We all came to D.C. running to repeal Obamacare", Brat said.

At the start of Trump's presidency, less than three months ago, Ryan's approval-to-disapproval split stood at 33-43. Trump pointedly blamed the trio for blocking a Republican-crafted health care bill that was pulled last Friday.

And just now, the President, the leader of the Republican Party, having announced a war against his own party, began to call out by name members of the Freedom Caucus.

The back-and-forth prompted Freedom Caucus member Raul Labrador to chime in with criticism of Scavino, asking if the tweet was an April Fools' Day joke.

"A public role in terms of gaining quality affordable access for all Americans is not in their value system", Pelosi said at a news conference on Thursday.

  • Carolyn Briggs