The Vampire Diaries star hospitalised after 'eating a cannabis brownie'

Kat Graham, the interpreter of the witch Bonnie Bennett in the series Vampire Diaries, was a great scare last month. According to TMZ, Graham had also ingested a pot brownie hours before and appeared to be "extremely paranoid, anxious, and seeing things", but her rep has since refuted the report.

She bid farewell to her character Bonnie Bennett in a touching message to fans just before the season finale was broadcast earlier this month (Mar17), writing, "The end is near. thank you to all the handsome fans for your support during the 8 years of #thevampirediaries".

As usual, TMZ was first to report on Kat Graham's alleged pot brownie overdose, claiming that the actress started throwing up before she passed out on the lawn of the restaurant where she was eating. A representative for the actress though claims that she simply had food poisoning. The rep further explained that Graham was eating at a cafeteria outside the resort and then she had experienced a violent reaction to food poisoning.

Additionally, a recording from 911 has revealed that a resort employee was perceived telling the Fire Department that a lodger was unconscious after she ate at the resort's Essence restaurant. So scary! Kat is okay now, thankfully, and her rep is speaking out about what happened to the actress. During the call, the staff member who made the call can be heard talking with another employee who reported that Kat had regained consciousness and was sipping on water.

Cannabis is legal in California for recreational use, after voters passed Proposition 64 in November, making the US state the fifth to legalize recreational pot. Luckily, Kat is safe and sound, and new details have emerged concerning what happened to cause the terrible incident.

  • Salvatore Jensen