The Future Of Healthcare: Obamacare Replacement Bill Rejected By Conservatives

He said conservatives who oppose the bill need to recognize that the House bill has to be crafted so it can pass the Senate, where Republicans hold a slimmer majority, and that they will have more opportunities to pursue changes later.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration was optimistic, citing a couple of lawmakers who had been opposed but now supported the bill.

"We won't have these crowds if we don't get this done", he said.

"I honestly think many of you will lose your seats in 2018 if you don't get this done", Trump said, according to CNN.

Repealing and replacing Democratic former President Barack Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act is a first major test of Trump's legislative ability and whether he can keep his big promises to business.

Trump's promises during his election campaign and his first two months in office have lifted US stock markets to new highs. According to Politico, the president told Meadows, in front of his colleagues, that he'd "come after" him if the congressman voted against the plan.

The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 1% in their worst one-day performances since before Trump's election victory on November 8. According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, some of the states with the highest number of people now receiving subsidies are Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia - all represented by GOP senators and all that went for Trump. "If that truck breaks down, everything else will back up".

Trump entered a closed-door meeting with House Republicans in the basement of the Capitol Tuesday morning. As they brace for that big vote, top House Republicans are unveiling revisions to their bill in hopes of nailing down support. "It will cause more than 325,000 New Mexicans to lose health care, shift more than a billion dollars in cost to our state and insurance costs under the GOP bill will still rise dramatically for middle class and working families".

If they lose three, the legislation fails. Asked if he would keep pushing the bill, he told reporters: "We'll see what happens".

Republicans, including U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, said the analysis did not examine the full scope of the deal. Trump delivered that line with a smile, but it was also lined with a touch of seriousness, said the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a private meeting.

The greater flexibility in Medicaid spending is doubtless created to win over Republican governors like Ohio's John Kasich and Michigan's Rick Snyder, who went ahead with the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion and are now seeing their budgets pressed because the federal funding was only temporary and created to decline quickly. Almost half of those surveyed thought the GOP alternative will result in fewer people having health insurance.

To appease conservatives, party leaders accelerated the repeal of some "Obamacare" taxes, added work requirements for people on the Medicaid health plan for the poor, and included a new anti-abortion measure.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress, including Washington's Senators are calling out the additional proposed changes to the bill, pushed by conservatives, including new amendments that target Medicaid funding. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said as she entered a Republican policy meeting in the Capitol, where health care was to be discussed.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus announced that while they would not be taking an official stance against the bill, there were enough "no" votes among their group for the bill not to pass.

  • Leroy Wright