Schiff Sees Intel Data 'Represented' as What Nunes Saw

About foreign trade. About anything - except what was most on reporters' minds.

To deflect questions about Trump's friendly rhetoric toward Russian Federation, the White House points to the fact that Clinton was a central figure in the Obama administration's attempt to "reset" relations with Moscow - an effort that crumbled after Vladimir Putin took back the presidency.

Did Russia interfere in the USA campaign, he was asked at a forum in the northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk?

A New York Times report on Thursday claimed that two White House officials helped Nunes acquire the information, though the GOP chairman has declined to directly reveal the source of his information. "I know a lot of folks want to talk about the process and not the surveillance and the underlying issue".

Then came a tangent. She left the Pentagon in 2015, just over a year before the election. I think it's interesting-I get your question but if what we're really arguing is did it happen on a Monday or Tuesday or did it happen on the 31st versus the 7th or the 8th, I think we've lost focus here.

"Come out and play, Nunes, you coward", shouted one man with a megaphone, The AP reported.

Spicer cut her off.

Back in Nunes' district, some people in downtown Clovis were supporting the congressman. Top Democrats have called on Nunes to recuse himself from the inquiry, which may implicate Trump campaign officials.

The Trump campaign was in a frenzy over a potential FBI investigation into Clinton's emails.

"Yes, it's appropriate for a member of Congress to contact someone who contacted him, according to some of these reports", the press secretary said. The answers have been unclear and convoluted.

"I've been around for quite a while and I've never heard of any such thing", Mr. McCain said on CBS.

"Today, my staff director and I plan to review the documents at the White House, fully cognizant of the fact that in the absence of the appropriate agency representatives it will not be possible to understand the full content and context of any documents we may review", stated Schiff. At this point it's unclear who eventually took Nunes onto the grounds and showed him the documents. "No, we don't track every single person who's on the 18 acres".

Housley said that the collection led to "other surveillance which led to multiple names being unmasked". The questions that Cummings asked should terrify the White House.

Late Thursday, an attorney for Michael Flynn, Trump's ex-national security adviser, said Flynn is in discussions with the House and Senate intelligence committees about speaking to them in exchange for immunity.

Spicer also attempted the trick of explaining a Trump tweet.

Mr. Trump is still dismissing the Russian Federation investigation as "a witch hunt" that Democrats are using to excuse their "big election loss".

Trump said earlier in the day said on Twitter that Michael Flynn should get immunity as a part of the continuing investigations.

"He believes that Mike Flynn should go testify".

And Republican Bill Kristol, editor of the conservative National Review, said he finds it "almost inconceivable that young Mr. Cohen-Watnick and Mr. Ellis were acting on their own at the White House".

  • Arturo Norris