Rep. Brad Schneider Introduces Bill To Reverse Trump Climate Order

Hours after President Donald Trump signed an executive order seeking to undo his predecessor's efforts to curb climate change, his administration has asked a federal appeals court to postpone ruling on lawsuits over Obama-era restrictions on carbon emissions.

But it seems the titans of the tech industry disagree.

Trump's order will roll back the Obama administration's directives in 10 areas, including requirements that power plants reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that the oil and gas industry limit methane emissions, and that they reduce the impact of fracking on groundwater. What does it mean for the future of USA environmental policy? Crabtree said the reprieve Trump has provided helps buy time to build more technology that can help reduce carbon emissions and make coal cleaner before any future regulations fall into place.

Rewriting the Clean Power Plan and other regulations is likely to take years to complete and will face legal challenges from environmental groups and Democratic-leaning states such as California and NY.

In a blog post sent this week to all employees of GE, Immelt said Trump's executive order telling federal agencies to review and possibly reverse regulations affecting the use of fossil fuels won't "change what GE believes" about the risks of climate change.

Coal is the energy source most harmful to human health, and Trump's decision will result in significant public health and environmental costs.

In a letter sent March 22 to the White House, Exxon Mobil urged the Trump administration not to pull out of the Paris Agreement, calling the landmark deal reached in 2015 an "effective framework for addressing the risks of climate change" and the "first major global accord" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For every one of the 70,000 coal miners in the USA, there are almost 10 workers (650,000) in the renewable-energy sector.

Trump has promised to rollback several climate change regulations though it is unknown if he will withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement signed previous year by 195 countries. Trump has just invited the other 194 signatories to renege on their own commitments under the Paris accord.

"Companies must be resilient and learn to adjust to political volatility all over the world", Immelt wrote Wednesday in an internal company blog post obtained by Politico.

"I don't know how to explain it other than what I said was totally out of context for what I meant because I have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time", said Clinton. Environmental Protection Agency. If it goes to court, the Trump administration would be trying to overturn case law.

"By beginning to unravel the Costly Power Plan, President Trump has improved the lives of Wisconsinites dramatically".

  • Julie Sanders